Compassionate end of life care

 If the option is available, most of us would choose to die peacefully in the familiar, friendly  surroundings of our own home, comforted by the presence of those we love. UK STAR CARE end of life  care makes it possible to die at home, rather than in a hospice or residential care home.For someone with a terminal condition - and for their family and friends - sensitive, personalised end of life care at  home makes the whole process comforting rather than distressing.

 Sensitive end of life care planning

 It's reassuring to know that for those  with a terminal illness that has progressed to an advanced stage,  they may be cared for at home. It's largely a matter of us planning and organising a care programme that deals efficiently with issues such as with medication and other needs. We are very practiced and skilled at meeting all of the necessary requirements.

We provide uniquely personalised end of life care

We can also take care of related needs, such as washing and toilet arrangements, helping clients in and out of bed, if they are sufficiently mobile, carrying out light domestic duties, shopping, cooking and so on. In fact, we can deal with all of the tasks that are a daily challenge for relatives, or the client. A member of our care team can live in, if required, so that 24-hour assistance is always at hand.

Everything is dealt with according to the circumstances, priorities and wishes of the client. We take account of any medical requirements, and communicate fully with other involved people such as relatives and friends. We strive to ensure that our client's dignity is maintained at all times, and our overall objective is to provide the very best care we can, in order to make the closing stages of our client's life as comfortable as possible.

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